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In WETOPIA we take action to build our community together. Civilians, activists, artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, civil servants and policy makers . When people have little faith in politics it is necessary that we try to reshape our society together. Meanwhile people are already constructing Wetopia. Therefore Curieus and Joke Quintens invite Citymakers to the Equality Festival (Festival van de Gelijkheid) to immerse us in WETOPIA, where we make city together. How can WETOPIA inspire us to take action ourselves? These are the main questions we try to answer throughout the day in 4 keynotes and panels, invited by Joke Quintens & Curieus. 1. Pride & regained selfesteem - Mundano + Ariana Mazzeo, Eva de Baerdemaeker, Samira Bendadi 2. Superdiversity, bringing people together - Maurice Crul + Liesbeth Huybrechts, Freek Persyn, Omar Ba, Gerardo Salinas 3. We will do it ourselves, local commons - Nicolas Détrie (Yes We Camp) + Farah Laporte, Koen Vidal, Frank Beke, Karim Bachar 4. Making city togheter, other alliances - Joke Quintens + Ugo Guarnaci, Lot Mertens, Jan Goossens, Stijn Oosterlynck Ania Rok will lead us through the day. The event is FOR FREE, but you need to subscribe @ the website of Equality Festival (
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